More Vic

The dutch oven was scraped clean, and the cake had a large portion cut out of it.  It was the peaceful part of a celebration where bellies and hearts are satisfied, that lull where everyone settles for a moment.

And then…gifts.

The girls loved the presents Vic had chosen, thanking her and Charles over and over.  Janie immediately put her wrap on, and the blue of her eyes sparkled against the cream color and her happiness.  Emmie wanted to go home right away to hang her wind chime, but Steven talked her into waiting until they’d had a chance to Skype with Michael.

They had planned to include Michael in the gifts, but somehow the internet connection from overseas wouldn’t quite connect.  They got glimpses of the face Janie longed to see, but couldn’t converse.  Finally, they decided to go ahead with the final gifts.

There were two envelopes, one for Janie, one for Ellie.  The girls opened them together, their gasps of excitement sounding almost simultaneously.  While they grasped the portent of their gifts right away, Vic did not.


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