Frenzy is going to be a flower girl in her cousin’s wedding this fall, and she’s very excited. We talk about cousin DJ (yes, he’s a boy, even though the girl on the unending episodes of Full House is also named DJ) and his fiance Bette quite a lot. Because DJ didn’t start to date Bette until right before we moved to Oregon, Frenzy isn’t real familiar with her. Thankfully, we got a good visit in this spring, and will see her in a couple of weeks.

So the other night, part of our little chat went like this:

Frenzy: I like Bette now, Mom. At first I thought she was pretty weird.

Thora: Yeah? Why?

Frenzy: Well, because she laughs a lot [she does–she’s quite different from quiet DJ] and I didn’t understand why.

Thora: That makes sense. But now you don’t think she’s weird?

Now, here’s where the misunderstanding came in. Because what Frenzy said next was: No, but she knows a lot.

But for some reason, what I heard was: No but she has a nose job.

Talk about a double-take! Now Frenzy knows what a nose job is, I know Frenzy’s opinion on Bette’s nose (it’s just fine, she says), and we both agree that Bette knows a lot.

I do love parenting.


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